One-Track Swaps

What is a One-Track Swap?

One-track swaps represent a revolutionary method of exchanging tokens, tailored for swift and effortless trading. It's a feature of the YAD platform that focuses on optimal-route single-chain transactions to enhance the efficiency of the swapping process.

How a One-Track Swap Works

To truly grasp the mechanics behind one-track swaps, it's beneficial to explore our detailed architecture section. This will provide an in-depth view of how our system has been architected to execute one-track transactions.


  • Market Diversity: Upon initiating a one-track swap, the system dives deep into its extensive catalog of decentralized exchanges (DEXs). By analyzing various exchange routes, it identifies the most optimal path for the transaction, ensuring the user gets the best possible rate.

  • Smart Routing: YAD Finance's advanced algorithms can dynamically split transactions into multiple paths. This ensures users always get the best swap rates by capitalizing on different liquidity sources and minimizing slippage.

  • Import Any Token: One of the standout features of one-track swaps is the ability to handle any token. Users aren't restricted to a predefined list; instead, they can easily import and trade almost any token they desire.

  • Efficiency: One-track swaps minimize the steps and complexity typically associated with decentralized token exchanges.

  • Cost-Effective: By pinpointing the best exchange route, users often benefit from competitive rates, leading to potential savings.

  • Flexibility: The ability to import and trade any token means users aren't constrained by limited options, offering a broad trading horizon.

  • Simplified User Experience: With fewer steps and a streamlined process, even novice users can navigate the swap process with ease.

Future Plans

We're never content resting on our laurels. The roadmap for one-track swaps includes:

  • Streamlined Operations: Soon, users will be able to both swap and send tokens in one consolidated transaction, further simplifying the process and saving valuable time.

  • Integration with More DEXs: To offer even more comprehensive market diversity, plans are underway to integrate additional decentralized exchanges into the system.

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