Swap modes

At YAD Finance, we understand that flexibility and efficiency are paramount in the rapidly-evolving DeFi landscape. With that in mind, we've tailored our platform to offer two distinct swap modes, each designed to meet the unique needs and preferences of our users:

  • One-Track Swaps: This mode streamlines the trading experience. Dive into our expansive catalog of decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and let our system identify the optimal path for your transaction. Whether you're trading a popular token or something more niche, One-Track Swaps ensure you receive the best possible rate, all while enjoying a simplified and user-friendly interface.

  • Chain-Hopping Swaps: Explore the power of cross-chain transactions. Chain-Hopping allows you to seamlessly jump between different blockchain networks, converting your tokens in the process. Using advanced cross-chain technology, this mode ensures a secure and trustless asset transfer, bridging the gap between Ethereum and various L2 networks with remarkable ease.

Explore further into our GitBook to get a deeper understanding of each swap mode and how YAD Finance is revolutionizing the DeFi experience.

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