Key features

What problems does YAD solve?

  • Market diversity There are 300+ DEXs across seven different blockchains operating in DeFi market, each offering different rates and liquidity models. Traders need to constantly monitor and compare multiple DEXs to find the best rate.

  • Fragmented liquidity Swaps with high volumes or exotic token swaps require deep liquidity, otherwise the swap will cause significant price impact and reduce the outcome. Traders can not use all liquidity locked in the blockchain because it is fragmented across many different pools.

  • High network fees For small orders, transaction execution fees can significantly reduce the final amount the user receives. Traders need to weigh both the network gas fees and rate differences when comparing various DEXs.

How does YAD solve these problems?

  • Market aggregation YAD collects live rates across all available markets, plus YAD uses RFQ mechanics to propose the best rate for the desired trading pair.

  • Order splitting Large orders can be split up among liquidity pools to reduce their price impact, ensuring the trader a better execution rate.

  • Order routing YAD aggregates DeFi liquidity pools with different market models and depths in order to find the optimal order route with the best possible execution rate. When the overall market depth for the desired swap pair is low, this route can traverse several pools to provide higher liquidity.

  • Gas-optimized smart contracts YAD has developed innovative gas-optimized smart contracts so traders can save money on transaction fees.

  • Slippage protection Users trading on YAD are able to set their own maximum acceptable slippage, known as slippage tolerance. If the execution rate exceeds this set limit, the trade will be reverted.

Supported chains, tokens and wallets


Here's the list of blockchain networks that YAD supports:



YAD supports any token that operates on one of the blockchain networks we support.

If your token isn't visible when searching through the token list, simply click "Add token" to input its address.

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