One-Track Swaps API

At YAD, we firmly believe in open-source development as the cornerstone for building a decentralized future. This guiding principle drives us to deliver products that empower and engage developers and users alike. A testament to this commitment is our One-Track Swaps API.


Our One-Track Swaps API is your gateway to unparalleled DeFi possibilities. With connectivity to over 75 liquidity sources, this API is built to be both robust and versatile. Whether you're aiming to elevate user functionalities or crafting your own decentralized exchange, you'll find all the tools at your disposal. Our goal? To ensure every token swap yields the optimal price, every time.

Hypothetical Use Cases

  • Web3 Wallet Integration: Web3 wallet providers can seamlessly weave our API into their fabric, enabling swift and easy token swaps for their users.

  • Gaming Integrations: Elevate in-game purchases by offering swap functionalities. Developers can utilize our API, allowing users to conveniently swap their tokens for the game-specific tokens.

  • Decentralized Exchange Creation: Developers aspiring to create their own DEX can leverage our API to ensure a smooth and efficient exchange process, backed by a vast network of liquidity sources.

  • Integration into Existing DEX: For those already operating a decentralized exchange, integrating our liquidity sources can significantly expand exchange opportunities, ensuring improved quotes and a more competitive edge in the market.

Benefits of YAD One-track Swaps API

  • Market-leading Quotes: With our proprietary algorithms, we unearth intelligent and unconventional routes, ensuring users get the most competitive quotes for their swaps.

  • Low Transaction Costs: Thanks to our gas-optimized smart contracts combined with pinpoint accurate real-time gas price calculations, unnecessary expenses become a thing of the past.

  • Trust and Security: The onus of initiating, signing, and sending the transaction remains with the user, reinforcing trust. We value privacy, ensuring no access to users' private keys or funds. Additionally, our smart contracts have undergone rigorous audits to bolster security.

  • Dedicated Support: Questions? Concerns? Feedback? Our highly-skilled support team is available round-the-clock, ensuring you're never left in the dark. Feel free to reach out to us at!

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