The YAD Widget is your gateway to seamless integration with YAD Finance. Designed as a lightweight version of the YAD Multichain Swap Router, it's tailored to be adaptive across devices, platforms, and interfaces. The beauty of the YAD Widget lies in its simplicity: It can be embedded into your platform swiftly using a preconfigured iFrame.

Why choose the YAD Widget?

  • Versatility: Whether you run a platform, website, or even a blog, the YAD Widget is designed to fit right in. Its adaptive design can adjust anywhere between 280 to 1180 pixels in width.

  • Effortless swaps: Users can perform swaps with the same ease as they would with YAD's main app, all without ever leaving your platform.

  • Monetize your platform: Set your own commissions and earn from transactions made through your widget.

  • Quick deployment: The entire process is streamlined to ensure you're up and running in just a few minutes.

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