How to check your transaction in blockchain

Once a transaction is completed you can click “View on Explorer” to see your transaction status and other details.

If you closed that window, don't worry. You can always find your transaction in the blockchain scanner.

You can find all your transactions on the blockchain scan pages:

To find your transaction, follow these steps:

In this example, we will look for a transaction in the Ethereum network and Etherscan. For other networks and their scanners, the principle is the same.

1) Go to the scanner page of the network where the transaction has been made and enter your wallet address in the search box.

2) After you paste the wallet address, you will see all transactions your wallet was involved in. Click on the one you were looking for.

3) Check the "Status" field.

  • If the transaction is still being processed, you will see a "pending" status.

  • If the transaction is successful, you will see a "success" status.

  • If the transaction was reverted, you will see the "reverted" status.

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