Wallet creation

To operate within the DeFi landscape, such as swapping tokens on YAD, you'll first need a secure digital wallet. This wallet not only holds your assets but also acts as your unique identifier in the decentralized world.

Supported wallets

YAD supports a bunch of popular wallets. Here's the list of wallets that we support:

What is a wallet?

Think of your wallet as your home base in an unchartered territory:

  • Safe storage: Just like you keep your belongings in your home, your wallet is where you store your digital assets.

  • Unique address: Your home has an address to help others locate it; similarly, your wallet has a unique address to receive funds from your crypto neighbors or communicate in the wider DeFi world.

  • Security is paramount: Always lock your home's doors to keep intruders out. In the same way, ensure your wallet is secure and protected from potential threats.

  • Don't lose your keys: You need a key to enter your home. Likewise, you need a private key to access and manage your digital assets in your wallet. Guard it with your life!

How do I create a wallet?

If you're new to crypto, the number of wallet providers may seem intimidating. But don't worry, you can create a wallet for free using any of the above options for free, and can easily export/import it to another whenever you want (continuing the analogy, your home base has wheels and just needs somewhere to plug in).

This is possible because Web3 wallets are noncustodial. Noncustodial means that the keys are in your hands, and no one else is responsible. You have full control over the access to your funds, just so long as you have the key.

While all of the wallets supported by YAD Finance are safe and easy to use, they each offer various UI/UX configurations and distinct features. You can compare the options to choose which best suits your goals and desires, or click here to install MetaMask — the most popular option.

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