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These are the essential building blocks of the YAD smart contracts, trusted with user allowances. They are executed in the Proxy context via a delegate-call.

Flash Wallet

Acting as a secure escrow account, Flash Wallet holds funds for Transformers to work with. Features transfer tokens to these wallets, which in turn delegate calls to Transformers.

This secure system ensures Transformers only have access to funds in the Flash Wallet, not user allowances. This type of interaction (with the flash wallet between internal smart-contract and trustless transformers) helps to increase security while internal smart contracts interact with transformers.


Multisig (short for "Multisignature") is a security feature commonly used in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

It involves requiring multiple signatures or approvals from different authorized parties to authorize a transaction or access digital assets. By distributing control among trusted participants, multisig enhances security and mitigates the risk of unauthorized or fraudulent activities.

This mechanism is widely employed for securing funds in wallets, facilitating governance decisions, enabling escrow services, and smart contract management, among other use cases.


The central point of system interaction, handling all entry points. It operates by delegating specific functions to Features, managing the flow and exchange of assets.

Each function is handled by a unique implementation contract or "feature". The Proxy's main job is to maintain a map of features and their corresponding contracts, rerouting calls to these through its fallback system.


RFQ (i.e., Request for Quote) is a trading mechanism integrated into our swap router. When certain transactions are routed through RFQ, it means that users have the opportunity to obtain a personalized quote from market makers for their specific swap.

RFQ brings several advantages, including 0% slippage, which ensures that the trade is executed at the quoted price without any additional costs. Moreover, it provides protection from MEV (Miner Extractable Value) attacks, safeguarding users against potential front-running and other unfair practices.


These contracts extend the core YAD smart contracts. Operating as trustless extensions, Transformers are approved by the Transformer Deployer. Each Transformer is tied to a specific nonce from the Transformer Deployer. Transformers execute their tasks in the context of the Flash Wallet via delegate-call, improving security during interactions.

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